Men will say: “Women are NOT like men!” Woman are: “A different creature!” Women will say: “They are looking for their Other Half!” “I’m looking for my soul mate!” ”He completes me!”

What if I told you that Helen Reddy provided the true feelings necessary for final analysis of “True Love,” but a Millennial woman that I met personally this year provided the observational-behavior & attitude, for final analysis of “The Other Half?”

If “True Love” belongs to YOU, should YOU ever set it FREE & if YOU do set “True Love” FREE, does that mean that it wasn’t meant TO BE, can’t YOU see, or is it just me?

The significance of final analysis on: “The Other Half,” explains the Feminist movement in the 1950s that stemmed from “The Roaring 20s!!!!”

Moreover, the fact that “Picture Paintings” & “Equational Poetry” derived the “Poetic Assertions” that were required for final analysis of: “The Other Half,” justifies “Picture Paintings” and “Equational Poetry” as “True Life” mathematics, makes them relevant tools for the Humanities & Arts and have accomplished what Plato, Aristotle, Freud, Einstein, religion, church and government could NOT, making “Picture Paintings” & “Equational Poetry” an all encompassing discipline or fine ART of “True Love!” – The Goddess of “True Love,” that is, Aphrodite’s mother. Grow the hell up American men & women!!!! Let the RENAISSANCE BEGIN!!!!

“I can’t give ya ‘Pure Love’ cause only God can do that, so Helen was wrong about doing anything & she ain’t invincible, no one is, but she did materialize ‘True Love’ and that makes her ‘SELF’ indestructible!

She deserves all the credit in the world for that, all I can do is help with ‘SELF’ with a new tool, ‘Pure Poetry,’ that is, ‘Equational Poetry!’”

Whether the Tandem Book Writing Process Patent generates any revenue or NOT, it’s an original literary work of the fine arts & first of its kind structure of “True Life” mathematics that merged the virtual & real worlds to improve relationships, to end “The Societal War,” for the betterment of mankind.

Moreover, although, even if no money is realized from the Patent Writing Process work & accomplishment, as such, the project considered a failure, that’s fine, because this same process brought back, “True Love,” to the “Other Half, of a real man!

 “Artificial” or “Material Beauty” is so awe inspiring, intimidating, even frightful & takes one’s breath away, because it’s NOT “True Beauty.”

The reason this artificial beauty seems MORE compelling than “True Beauty” in “True Life,” as well as in “True Love,” & Harmony, is because it’s WITHOUT YOU, therefore; “Equational Poetry” derives that the “Material World” is OUTSIDE of YOU, while “True Beauty,” is WITHIN YOU, and a part of YOU, therefore the gazes into the lands, the seas, the skies, brings the “True Beauty” to YOU, and becomes a part of YOU, so the awe inspiring takes place WITHIN YOU so one cannot be fearful of "True Beauty” or “True Love” because it’s a part of YOU. – “The Night Star,” becomes a part of YOU, as “True Beauty.”

This “Poetic Assertion” derived from “Equational Poetry” is dedicated to my late mother Marilyn Joy Hassey, who always wanted the answer to why all 6 of her children were afraid of success, now she knows, because the “True Beauty” that she never found was “WITHIN” her and now that she’s in heaven, she can see it forever!

“Equational Poetry” redefines “Success,” therefore, redefines the world, that’s a “True RENAISSANCE!,” you see, or is it just me?


The Dark Skies project

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Ervin Myers@ErvinEMyers “…not doing what we love in the name of greed is very poor management of our lives.” #Embracethefreedom #TuesdayMotivation

That’s NOT “True Life,” or “True Love” and is NOT “Truly Living!” That’s existing upon a back, NOT living upon a “TIME!” Once upon a time we had the greatest generation of “True Americans…”


“Pure Poetry,” that is, “Equational Poetry”